Mesa Music Festival

Mesa Music Festival

November 14th to 16th, 2019 in Mesa, AZ
Live Music Showcases

Live Music Showcases

Over 200 Performances by Artists from Around the Country
Music Industry Symposium

Music Industry Symposium

Discussions and Mentoring by Industry VIP's


2019 Headliner

Arizona's Premier Emerging Artist Festival

November 14th – 16th, 2019 in Mesa, AZ

The Mesa Music Festival is a free admission music and arts festival that celebrates the culture of Downtown Mesa.  With performances by over 300 artists from around the world, the Mesa Music Festival is the premier emerging artist festival in Arizona.

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Special Guests

Jose Mangin

SiriusXM, MTV2

Mark "Weissguy" Weiss

World Renowned Rock Photographer

Art of the Protest Song Discussion

Joe Rapolla, Bill Valenti & Guy Forsyth

Geordie Gillespie

Unleashed Music, Sony, Virgin, Disney

Alex Gilbert

Artery Global

Stacy Nupoff

Talent Buyer, Mesa Ampitheatre

Mike Zimmerlich

80/20 Records

Ed Masley

Music Editor, Arizona Republic

Carmen Sclafani

Wiser Time Music

Full lineup will be announced soon! 
Check back for updates!

MMF 2019 Lineup


Los Angeles, CA

This is Modern

Mesa, AZ

Viper Club

Phoenix, AZ

Dawson Rutledge

From Los Angeles, CA

A Little Loud – Incline Village, NV
A Man Called Ed – Phoenix, AZ
Aaron Ricks – Gilbert, AZ
Adamya Sharma – Chandigarh, India
Alec Leon – Phoenix, AZ
Allison Armanix – Oklahoma City, OK
AM Dandy – Mondovi, Italy
Annette Conlon – Culver City, CA
Ascent – Lake Forest, CA
Ashes of Jupiter – Albuquerque, NM
Ashlinn Gray – Los Angeles, CA
Attica Barz – Brooklyn, NY
Austin Tolliver – Nashville, TN
Awil Onuag – Jakarta, Indonesia
Barefoot – Tempe, AZ
BD Frank – Chandler, AZ
Bear Blossoms – Mesa, AZ
Bella Renee – Tempe, AZ
Big Mess – Palos Verdes, CA
Black Dog Friday – Dallas, TX
Black Mountain Project – Surprise, AZ
Blood Moon Howlers – Los Angeles, CA
Blu Joy – Mesa, AZ
Bravo Delta – Las Vegas, NV
Brayden – Gilbert, AZ
Brittany Tews – Fountain Hills, AZ
Brother. – Salt Lake City, UT
Bryant Jaii – St. Louis, MO
By All Means – Huntsville, AL
California Jeff – Springfield, IL
Chad Carrier – Palos Verdes, CA
Chelsea Cymone – Houston, TX
Chemikkal – Kansas City, MO
Christie Huff – Los Angeles, CA
Cindy Weir – Phoenix, AZ
Complicate/Simple – Phoenix, AZ
Courtesy Call – Mesa, AZ
DadJokes – Mesa, AZ
Dallas Wayde – Salt Lake City, UT
Daniel Coon – Mesa, AZ
Danimals and the bearded man – Mesa, AZ
Daughter Vision – Asbury Park, NJ
DJ Double K – Fort Wayne, IN
Dragons in the Desert – Queen Creek, AZ
Dylan Dunlap – Los Angeles, CA
Ecnuo – Mesa, AZ
ELA – Austin, TX
Ellie Fern – Scottsdale, AZ
Elodie Reverie – Los Angeles, CA
Emily Cole – Montgomery, TX
Evie Clair – Florence, AZ
Fire Sets Fire – Los Angeles, CA
Fluid Foundation – Oceanside, CA
Foreseers – Ridgecrest, CA
Fulani – Chicago, IL
Giovanni Kiyingi – Kampala, Uganda
Gone Before Us – Gilbert, AZ
Guidestones – Montreal, QC
Haley Tibbs – Scottsdale, AZ
Hannah Smart – Boston, MA
HEЯITAGE – Los Angeles, CA

Hollywood Farmers – Breckenridge, CO
Honeygirl & The Boys – Phoenix, AZ
House of Curses – Decatur, AL
Hurt and the Heartbeat – Los Angeles, CA
Hyperchromatic – Mesa, AZ
Icelus – Phoenix, AZ
In Memory Of – Mesa, AZ
Indigenous Robot – Denver, CO
Insomniacs – Phoenix, AZ
Ish Reyez – Mesa, AZ
Izzy Mahoubi – Phoenix, AZ
Janae Dunn – Gilbert, AZ
Jane N’ The Jungle – Phoenix, AZ
Jason Linford – Boise, ID
JC Triple Threat – Mesa, AZ
Jeff and Jessie – Surprise, AZ
Jeremy B – Los Angeles, CA
Just Tommy – Gilbert, AZ
Kady Rain – Austin, TX
Kaitlyn Mann – New York, NY
Kathleen Elle – East Brunswick, NJ
Katy Nichole – Mesa, AZ
Kaveh Karandish – Shiraz, Iran
Kelsea Robin – Tempe, AZ
Kevin Kvein – North Brookfield, MA
Kuru – Phoenix, AZ
Lance Dubroc – Lafayette, LA
Laura Joy – Phoenix, AZ
Leaving Lennox – Nashville, TN
Lisa Oorlog – Mesa, AZ
Loryn – Mesa, AZ
Lucy Morningstar Band – Maui, HI
Madilyn Mei – Queen Creek, AZ
Madison Roe – Kauai, HI
Major Moment – Waterton, MA
Mandy Rowden – Austin, TX
MARG – Los Angeles, CA
Maria Kotrotsou – Paris, France
Marissa Ford – Hollywood, CA
Matthew John – Tucson, AZ
Megan & Shane – Gilbert, AZ
Melissa Gottlieb – Los Angeles, CA
Melissa Otero – New York, NY
Mighty Tim Young – Clarkdale, AZ
Mike Annuzzi – Redwood City, CA
Mike Bauer – Los Angeles, CA
Mike Lynch – Mesa, AZ
Miles to Nowhere – Tempe, AZ
Mississippi Nova – Phoenix, AZ
Mopar Bentley – Tucson, AZ
Mouse Dog Bird – Phoenix, AZ
Moxkito – Accra, Ghana
Neon Claws – Cleveland, OH
New Chums – Phoenix, AZ
New York Night Market – Los Angeles, CA
Nick Isham – Los Angeles, CA
No Refills – Phoenix, AZ
Optimystical – Tempe, AZ

Oscar Butler – Albuquerque, NM
PaceMKR – Reno, NV
Pat Beary – Prescott, AZ
People Who Could Fly – Phoenix, AZ
Permanent Phase – Newburgh, NY
Phantomsoul – Tucson, AZ
Poison Made Sinners – Kingman, AZ
Possy – Phoenix, AZ
PosterWall – Mesa, AZ
Promise to Myself – Phoenix, AZ
Prophets & Martyrs – Bowie, TX
Radiofix – Glendale, AZ
Randy the Poet – Tempe, AZ
Revel in Romance – Atlanta, GA
Rosahlee – Whidbey Island, WA
Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold – London, ON
Ryan Biter – Flagstaff, AZ
Ryan Cassata – Los Angeles, CA
Ryan David Orr – Lakeside, AZ
Sammi Martinez – Chandler, AZ
Sammy Maximin – Phoenix, AZ
Seanloui – Tucson, AZ
Shane Foster – Phoenix, AZ
Sharkk Heartt – Tucson, AZ
Sister and the Sun – Sedona, AZ
Slap Daddy – Mesa, AZ
Skyrah Bliss – Houston, TX
Soft Blossom – Phoenix, AZ
Solh – Tempe, AZ
Sophie Dorsten – Gilbert, AZ
Sugahbeat – Phoenix, AZ
Susan Carol – Houston, TX
Tariq Creque – Miami, FL
Telephon9 – Detroit, MI
The Big Blue – Tempe, AZ
The Borrowers – Lake Havasu City, AZ
The Moody Florals – Phoenix, AZ
The Night Owl Collective – Los Angeles, CA
The Radio Broadcast – Houston, TX
The Twits – Scottsdale, AZ
Therosia – Mesa, AZ
Thomas Petrungaro – San Diego, CA
Tia Penny – Phoenix, AZ
Time Bomb – Gilbert, AZ
Tina Decara – Long Island, NY
Tina Mathieu – Los Angeles, CA
Tina Vale – Nashville, TN
TR3AL – Los Angeles, CA
Trevor Miloh – Scottsdale, AZ
Undecided Future – Newport Beach, CA
Until the Sun – Tolleson, AZ
Vanilla Aardvark – Glendale, AZ
Vicious Cycle – Austin, TX
Vishisdead – Sydney, Australia
War on Sunday – San Antonio, TX
Ward – Los Angeles, CA
We Came In Last – Phoenix, AZ
Wicked Sister – Phoenix, AZ
Xeno Moonflower – New Orleans, LA
Zairah – Los Angeles, CA


Want to take a break from the music?  The Mesa Music Festival welcomes local businesses, artists, and non-profits to showcase and sell their products for festival attendees on Saturday, November 16th from 12pm to 10pm.

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The Mesa Music Festival is, and always will be, 100% FREE TO ATTEND.  All aspects of the Mesa Music Festival are open to the public and are absolutely free of charge.  Space for certain events is limited, so be sure to arrive early if there’s something you definitely want to attend.  


The Mesa Music Festival features live performances in both indoor and outdoor venues along Main Street in Mesa, AZ.  Venues include both  traditional and non traditional stages in local businesses in Downtown Mesa.  See Participating Venues for more information.  


Downtown Mesa features several delicious restaurants and lively bars that are sure to delight your taste buds.  We encourage Mesa Music Festival attendees to check out the local businesses within the festival grounds.  


Parking is FREE in Downtown Mesa and there are plenty public lots that will be available during the Mesa Music Festival.  



Delta Hotels by Marriott Phoenix-Mesa
200 N Centennial Way
Mesa, AZ 85201

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Participating Venues

Bands and musicians interested in the applying to play the festival can submit an official application . For questions regarding your application or performance, please contact us at



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